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Parent Program


Equipping Parents of Teens

- Parents Matter!


IMPACT's curricula are key to reaching students with the crucial messages of character building, healthy-decision making, goal setting and sexual risk avoidance. However, parents can and should be the primary educators of their children when it comes to sexuality and character. Our parent programs equip parents with useful tools to discuss some of the difficult issues and pressures their children face in today's society.

Parents have incredible power to influence their children's lives in positive ways. According to a recent poll, teens list their parents as their number one role models (Junior Achievement/Harris Interactive Poll; 2003).


A study of 12,000 adolescents showed that children whose parents held higher expectations for them had higher school achievement and fewer risk taking behaviors. Also, children whose parents disapproved of early sexual activity postponed sexual intercourse. - American Medical Association


Schedule a Parent Presentation Today for your neighborhood, church, synagogue, PTA.

This parent education presentation will equip, encourage and empower parents to effectively communicate with their teenagers about the importance of healthy relationships and how to avoid high risk behavior.


Combining eye-opening, research-based facts about widespread teen sexual activity and consequences with clear guidelines for encouraging teens to choose sexual risk avoidance, this program is perfect for PTAs, parent groups, in-home meetings, business lunch and learns, community service groups and teacher in-service trainings.


“I wait so I will have a positive impact on the people around me.”

- Josh

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